Monday, April 02, 2007

Unlike The New Classical WETA-FM, But Like The NSO, The Washington National Opera, And The Kennedy Center, WPAS To Celebrate American Classical Music

Unlike the American classical music boycotting new Classical WETA-FM, and like the National Symphony Orchestra, the Washington National Opera, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Washington Performing Arts Society is maintaining its historic commitment to American classical music, performing arts culture, and classical music education and community outreach, by allowing distinguished visiting guest orchestras to program -- during 2007-08 -- two American classical works -- Edgar Varese's "Ameriques" (to be performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra under James Conlon) and John Adams's "Guide To Strange Places" (earlier performed by the NSO, and which will be performed by WPAS guest visiting orchestra, the Cleveland Orchestra, under Franz Welser-Most).

In terms of number of works, 2 of 17 works performed by visiting orchestras next season under sponsorship of WPAS will be American works -- or approximately 12%. There will be six visiting orchestras presented by WPAS during 2007-08.

Like the new Classical WETA-FM, WPAS is a membership organization, but one whose curatorial choices are not the personal favorites of the Music Director or President, but rather choices which reflect that proud and historic presenting organization's deep philosophical belief in the classical arts and classical arts education in today's diverse America.

Proudly American composer John Adams [and no enemy of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra].

Incredibly, the new Classical WETA-FM, in the Nation's Capital, treats Mr. Adams as if he were an enemy combatant.

Photo credit: (c) San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum. With thanks.


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