Thursday, March 29, 2007

Three Voices Crying Out In The Wilderness Call For Major Overhaul of Classical WETA-FM's 'Fin-de-Regime' Classical Programming

"Music by American composers today on Public Classical Music Station WGUC, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States:

William Schuman: New England Triptych

Amy Beach: Pastorale

Aaron Copland: Rodeo

John Barry: Dances with Wolves: Suite

Samuel Barber: Violin Concerto

Henry Fillmore:The Circus Bee March

George Chadwick: Serenade for Strings

Alan Hovhaness: Symphony #2 “Mysterious Mountain

Erich Korngold:The Sea Hawk

Aaron Copland: Quiet City

David Amram: Piano Sonata

Randall Thompson: Symphony No. 2


Classical Music by American composers today, March 29, 2007, on the new Classical WETA-FM, in the Nation's Capital:

Zero, zip, nada [0%]

Brings tears to your eyes, doesn’t it?

Today WGUC also plays some short choral works, a Shostakovich Quartet, and Bruckner’s Ninth Symphony." ...

Source: Bob L. on Classical WETA-FM: The Blog For Classical Music Lovers [And Defenders].

Golden Gate of Kyiv [Kiev] (Ukrainian: Золоті ворота, Zoloti vorota), Ukraine, as it appeared in the mid-1970s; prior to Soviet and post-Soviet attempts at reconstruction.

While Classical WETA-FM's David Ginder, presumably reading from notes prepared by others, said this morning that the Great Gate of Kyiv [Kiev], which was the subject of an architectural concept design by Victor Hartmann for the 19th rebuilding of that part of the fortifications of Kyiv Rus', and the picture upon which Modest Mussorgsky based the powerful final movement of his great orchestral tone poem cycle, Pictures at an Exhibition, did not in fact exist today; he and his researcher could have additionally pointed out that a grand Kyiv Rus' Golden Gate, in comparable state of decay in the 19th c. under Russian occupation of Ukraine, does in fact exist today and is a major Kyiv, Ukraine tourist attraction. The Golden Gate of Kyiv, unfortunately, has been the subject of controversial restoration efforts over the past generation (since 1982) as attempts have been made to reconcile the ceremonial and defensive qualities of that early Kyiv Rus' ceremonial gate.

Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons (and under special fair use provisions). With thanks.


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