Thursday, April 05, 2007

Remains Of The Day: From The Basilica Of The National Shrine Of The Immaculate Conception To Erfurt Cathedral To Lachva Synagogue

HOLY THURSDAY (April 5, 5:30 pm) Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, D.C.

Roland de Lassus, Gustate et videte
Juan de Lienas, Coenantibus autem illis
Michalenagelo Grancini, Suspirat anima mea and Dulcis Christe
Robert Powell, Anima Christi
David Hurd, Love Bade Me Welcome
Maurice Duruflé, Tantum ergo and Ubi caritas
William Byrd, Ave verum corpus
Giovanni da Palestrina, Sicut cervus
João Rebola, Panis angelicus

Wood carving at the choir benches of the Erfurt cathedral, Thuringia, Germany (about 1400-1410)

'Ecclesia on a horse is attacking the Synagogue with a lance. Her shield carries the Christian symbol of a fish. The Synagogue is symbolized as riding a pig. Her eyes are closed and with her left hand she holds on to a branch. One of many depictions of the "Judensau" in the art work of European churches.'

Marburg Bildarchiv

Lachva Synagogue, Lachva, Belarus, Europe (no longer existing)

Photo credits: which is devoted to fostering mutual respect and understanding between Christians, Jews, and more recently Muslims around the world and which is headquartered in the Martin Buber House in Heppenheim, Germany, where the great Jewish thinker lived until Nazi persecution forced him to flee; and [?]. With thanks.


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