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HBO's Family Documentary "Music In Me: Children's Recitals From Classical To Latin, Jazz To Zydeco" Awarded Peabody Prize For Broadcasting Excellence

"This 30-minute family documentary profiles six young musicians between the ages of 7 and 12 who, though they live in different parts of the country, share a love of music and possess undeniable skill with their chosen instruments. With their virtuosic performances of both classics and lesser-known tunes from the traditions of classical, jazz, and many forms of roots music, the featured musicians open their hearts and share their passion for living musical lives. The talent rundown includes:

Nathan, age 11, from Hillsborough, CA - a classical cellist who shares the concepts and emotions that inform his artistic interpretation of "The Swan" by Camille Saint-Saëns. "I think Saint-Saëns was trying to put a whole bunch of feelings together," explains Nathan, "sad and happy at the same time."

Elena, 10, Berkeley, CA - An accomplished flutist with a penchant for Latin Jazz that connects her to a unique Latin community, she says, "I just feel that Latin music is in my body."

Guyland, 7, Frilot Cove, LA - a zydeco accordion player who got started at the age of 2 when his father bought him a toy accordion. Guyland now carries on the tradition of his late great-grandfather, a well-known accordion player, who Guyland says teaches him to play in his dreams.

Úna, 11, Portland, OR - a composer and rock guitarist who believes music has the power to influence people and performs her own composition entitled "Global Warming." In this music video-like segment, Úna sings, "Be friendly to the earth; it will be friendly back. Global warming, it's not just a prediction anymore."

Tyler, 10, Virginia Beach, VA - a trumpet player who performs in a brass band with his parents and two younger siblings by day... and by night jams on the street with a sophisticated jazz combo. Tyler says, "I like playing with my family. But most of all, I love playing jazz. I like jazz because I get to improvise."

Qaasim, 8, Brooklyn, NY - a percussionist who loves the West African djembe drum, even though at times he struggles to carry the heavy instrument. But Qaasim says, "I can make music with anything, actually. Music is everywhere," and creates a symphony of percussive sounds by tapping his drumsticks on mailboxes, fire hydrants, benches and even metal security gates."

Source: HBO

The 66th annual George Foster Peabody Awards For Broadcasting Excellence Washington Post article.

Guyland, Age 7, of Frilot Cove, Louisiana is an American zydeco accordion player, who began his musical studies at the age of two.

America's musical future is celebrated in the HBO Family Documentary.

Photo credit: (c) HBO Family: The Whole Family 2006. All rights reserved. With thanks.


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Fantastic, amazing children featured on this show! How wonderful to see encouragement, inspiration, individuality,self respect and Joyfulness on TV for a change. I wish this were a Reality series.

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