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Classical WETA-FM, In The Nation's Capital, Calls From Its Rooftop And Engages With The Greater Washington Classical Music Community; Help Is On Way

National Arts Advocacy Day 2007

3.13.07 at 3:05 pm

by Garth Trinkl

Mr Allison — I too would be happy to lend Classical WETA-FM a few dozen American classical music CDs until your mansion is renovated. (Though I'm surprised that Jens Laurson does not have any American classical CDs in his large collection...) I'll even hop in a cab and drop my compact box off at the reception desk of your Arlington, Virginia production studio (or to your tent).

I promise that all of these American classical CDs would be, as Robert Aubry Davis, a host on the old Classical WETA-FM, used to say, "family friendly."

Perhaps, if Bob L. is willing, he and I could collaborate so that none of the six dozen CDs of Classical American music that we send to you are redundent.

I would also be willing to place telephone calls to the American music marketing directors at Naxos/American Classics Music and New World Records (a non-profit organization) to see what emergency arrangements they could take immediately to forward to the New Classical WETA-FM, in the Nation's Capital, some of the hundreds of musically beautiful, and expertly performed and produced, CDs in their inventories. I know that New World Records, soon after it started in the mid to late 1970s, made special arrangements to place special collections in the cultural sections of American Embassies throughout the world. I am sure that they would most likely be more than happy to share with WETA one of their developing world special collections of American classical music.

I will say that I am concerned that the CDs from which the little bit of American classical music that the New Classical WETA-FM has managed to broadcast -- early American hymns and spirituals, piano and chamber works by Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Arthur Foote, and Amy Beach (to be championed this month by the fine, and community-connected, Choral Arts Society of Washington), and an orchestral work by Alan Hovhaness -- CDs containing perhaps 5 or 6 hours of beautiful American classical music, appear to be missing, or to have been stolen, from the WETA Program studios. (Or is Classical WETA-FM, itself, currently broadcasting from a tent?)

I do hope that the security of the New Classical WETA-FM's few, precious Classical American music CDs has not been compromised during the construction of your new mansion.

Thank you for your response.


3.13.07 at 2:25 pm

by Bob L.

Mr. Allison — I appreciate your attention and your response. The impression I get, from what you say, is that you’re living in a tent while the mansion goes up next door. I find that a bit strange, but you’ve said it often enough that it must be so. What I think is bothering those few of us who keep making noise is that we have no idea what the mansion is going to look like, and we’re scared to death that when it’s all finished it’ll be just a much larger version of the current tent, which — being blunt — we hate. Is there anything you can say to reassure us?

Meanwhile, if CD library construction denies you access to all those wonderful CDs of American classical music that you’re just dying to play, and if repeating Telemann and Saint-Saens frustrates you when you’d rather broadcast Copland and Bernstein and Hanson and Ives, I was serious when I said I’d be happy to lend the station a few dozen CDs of American music from my personal collection. I’ll also throw in sets of symphonies or other major works by the likes of Shostakovich, Prokoviev, Vaughan Williams, etc. I live in Arlington, and it would be easy for me to swing by some afternoon and drop off a box for you. If you’re interested, check with the people at your “info” email address. I’m sending them complete contact information. (There’s a typo in my email adress on the blog, and I can’t seem to fix it.)

I suspect I speak for all fhe frustrated music lovers in the DC area, and for their counterparts in other cities who could potentially stream your music and send contributions (as I did with out-of-town stations during the mercifully brief all-news era), when I tell you how eagerly we await the NEW new WETA. Could you maybe give us, if nothing more, a date by which the library will be finished and you can start moving into that mansion? Hope needs nourishment.


3.13.07 at 12:51 pm

by Jim

In response to the recent comments by Mr Trinkl and Mr L, I would like to assure them and all other participants that I read every comment. I’d also like to reiterate this point from my March 5th post: substantial changes in the playlist will not be possible until the new library is built at WETA headquarters. The current limited playlist is a temporary necessity as we build the infrastructure and develop our plan for the New Classical WETA. I will update you on both of these aspects as they progress. In the meantime, I thank you for both your suggestions and your patience. |JA|

Jim Allison
Program Director, Classical WETA 90.9 FM

Source: Classical WETA 90.0 FM The Blog For Classical Music Lovers

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WETA Headquarters in Suburban Washington, D.C. [Not visible in picture is the tent from which Classical WETA-FM, apparently, is currently broadcasting.]

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