Monday, February 26, 2007

Easter 2007 CE And 2010 CE Give Orthodox And Western Christians Upcoming Opportunities To Celebrate Feasts Of Springtime Spiritual Life At Same Times

Easter 2007
Ash Wednesday is 21 February
Palm Sunday is 01 April
Good Friday is 06 April
(Western) Easter Sunday is 08 April
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is 08 April

Easter 2008
Ash Wednesday is 6 February
Palm Sunday is 16 March
Good Friday is 21 March
(Western) Easter Sunday is 23 March
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is 27 April

Easter 2009
Ash Wednesday is 25 February
Palm Sunday is 5 April
Good Friday is 10 April
(Western) Easter Sunday is 12 April
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is 19 April

Easter 2010
Ash Wednesday is 17 February
Palm Sunday is 28 March
Good Friday is 02 April
(Western) Easter Sunday is 04 April
(Orthodox) Easter Sunday is 04 April



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devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship']

Easter lamb [Easter Bread in shape of a lamb], St. Yura's Cathedral, Lviv, Ukraine. St. Yura's Cathedral is a Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church and one of Lviv's numerous Baroque-era architectural masterpieces. The exterior of the building features late Baroque sculptural masterpieces by Johann Georg Pinsel.

Pinsel's smaller and less fragile masterpieces have toured throughout Poland and to Munich, Germany; but not yet to the United States of America. [One masterpiece of Pinsel was included in the Land of the Winged Horseman: Art in Poland, 1572-1764 Exhibition, which had a limited tour of the United States in 1999.]

[Imagine never having heard a performance or recording of a masterpiece by Johann Sebastian Bach.]

Johan Georg Pinsel on [Poland]. 33 Images.

Photo credit: Copyright © 2002 Wilton Tifft. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Gallery. With thanks.


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