Wednesday, September 06, 2006

... Meanwhile, In Art Nouveau Helsinki, Finland, A Squirrel Sacrifices Herself For Opera, But A Serpent Lives On

Mikko Heiniö

The Hour of the Serpent

Passion, fervour, secrecy


The Hour of the Serpent is a passion-laden thriller, a wild drama delving into the soul of a woman, set against the background of Art Nouveau Helsinki and a period when the electric light and cinema were only just beginning to shape our reality.

Alice Löf is a widow much celebrated in society. Her husband disappeared halfway across the world. She is loved by Baron von Schiele — and how many others? But everyone’s undivided attention is not enough for this tragic belle. And so comes the hour for the serpent to strike...

The Hour of the Serpent is a romantic tale of fervour and death, set to voluptuously rich and beautiful music by Mikko Heiniö.

Performed in Finnish with surtitles in English.

A special party will be held after the premiere, and the audience is welcome to attend too! Tickets EUR 35 including the menu.

Please see the menu here

Duration ca 3 h, 1 intermission.

Conductor Hannu Lintu
Director Erik Söderblom
Sets Kati Lukka, Antti Mattila
Costumes Pirjo Liiri-Majava
Lighting design Tarja Ervasti
Libretto Juha Siltanen Alice Päivi Nisula
Jonas Löf Juha Riihimäki
Huldén Jyrki Korhonen
Erik Aronius Markus Nieminen
Aron von Schiele Esa Ruuttunen
Emilie Tove Åman
Sofie Riikka Rantanen
Amanda Marjatta Airas
Ida Piia Komsi

Details of each performance
15.9., 18.9., 23.9., 29.9., 4.10., 7.10., 10.10., 12.10.

Finnish National Opera

The New Finnish National Post Art Nouveau Opera House, Helsinki, Finland.

Photo credit: The 23rd International Literature and Psychology Conference, 2006. With thanks.


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