Monday, September 18, 2006

Hungarian Revolution, 1956

"More than 100 photographs commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution. In this emblematic event of the Cold War, a demonstration led by students blossomed into a national uprising against communist tyrants and their Soviet rulers. A wide range of subjects — Budapest street skirmishes, refugees at the Austrian border, scenes of suppression by the communist loyalists — photographed by foreign news media as well as Hungarian professionals and amateurs are represented. Ferenc Berendi, Mario de Biasi, Tamas Fener, Laszlo Haris, Ata Kando, Erich Lessing, Laszlo Rozsa, Ede Tomori and Geza Varro are among the photographers. The exhibition is jointly organized by the Association of Hungarian Photographers and the Hungarian Museum of Photography under the patronage of the Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture. A catalog by Peter Baki, exhibition curator and director of the Hungarian Museum of Photography in Budapest, accompanies the exhibition."

The Katzen Art Center at American University, Washington, D.C.

Mario de Biasi "The People's Anger"

Photo credit: Courtesy the Hungarian Museum of Photography via American University. With thanks.


[origo] Galeria, Budapest, Hungary.


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