Monday, September 18, 2006

PBS's Exciting New Republican Season: It's "Meet The Mormons," "Jane Eyre," And "Antiques Roadshow"!

"PBS: New Season? What New Season?

Little seems new on the PBS bill of fare as the season wobbles off to a start. PBS officials are excited, however, about a two-part, three-hour special called "The Mormons" that will mark the first time that old PBS reliables "Frontline" and "American Experience" have pooled their resources on a program. But it won't air until April [2007].

Among the "Masterpiece Theatre" offerings this season: a two-part, four-hour adaptation of the very venerable "Jane Eyre," with no big names in the cast -- not that there's anything wrong with that. Otherwise, it's more of "Antiques Roadshow" on a network that is beginning to look like something of an antique roadshow itself."

"PBS: New Season? What New Season?" The Washington Post September 17, 2006

The Sun Stone is one of several LDS [Latter Day Saints] symbols on the newly rebuilt Nauvoo Illinois Temple. It was completed in 2002 using limestone block quarried in Russellville, Alabama. The original Nauvoo Temple, on the same site, was only half completed when the Mormon's founder Joseph Smith was assassinated in 1844. It was dedicated in 1846, damaged by an arson fire in 1848, and damaged by a tornado in 1850.

Walt Disney Company's new corporate headquarters in Burbank, California. The two to seven story headquarters building was designed by American architect Michael Graves in Indian Red Baruli Sandstone. In lieu of Sun Stones, the facade features statues of Walt Disney cartoon characters.

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