Thursday, August 31, 2006

They're Back!! And The Scream and Madonna Are In Better Shape Than Ever!!

Munch paintings recovered

"Both of the paintings by famed Norwegian artist Edvard Munch that were stolen two years ago have been found and are now in the possession of the police in Oslo.

Both The Scream [1893] and Madonna [1895] were found Thursday afternoon in what police described as a "successful action" by the Oslo Police District.

Police wouldn't say where the famed artworks were found, but said they think the paintings have been in Norway all along.

The paintings are, according to police, in much better shape than they had feared. ...

"The Scream" has been valued at NOK 500 million (USD 81 million) and "Madonna" at NOK 100 million, but [all three] artworks were also considered priceless in many ways and difficult if not impossible to sell.

The paintings Madonna and The Scream were torn off their walls at the Munch Museum on a quiet Sunday morning in August 2004. The armed robbery shocked the art world and the country, and meant the loss of two national treasures.

City and museum officials were jubilant that the [artworks] are back in safe hands." ...

Aftenposten: News from Norway "They're back! Munch paintings recovered" August 31, 2006

Photo credits: SCANPIX, with thanks; All rights reserved.


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