Sunday, August 20, 2006

Beyond Suicide Dolphins: It Takes 75 Litres Of 'Embedded Water' To Create One Computer Chip

"We live in a world in which 2.6bn people consume water from unsafe and polluted sources, according to United Nations figures. Against this, it takes up to 100,000 litres to produce 1kg of beef, 75 litres to make one computer chip and 780 litres to create one litre of fruit juice, says Waterwise, a UK non-governmental organisation – an idea known as “embedded water”.

These realities are now colliding, with serious consequences for business. “Everyone understands that water is essential to life. But many are just beginning to grasp how essential it is to everything in life – food, energy, transportation, nature, leisure, identity, culture and virtually all products used on a daily basis,” says Lloyd Timberlake of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, a business think-tank, which next week launches a report on the subject." ...

Mike A Scott "Declining water supply brings a deluge of ideas" Financial Times August 17, 2006

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Former secret Soviet Union nuclear submarine base carved into underwater caves in the historic port city of Balaclava, close to Sebastopol, Crimean Autonomous Republic of Ukraine. The underwater cave complex was also used during the NATO-Warsaw Pact (Soviet Pact) Era [ca. 1945 to 1991] as training grounds for suicide dolphins. The Balaclava Underwater Submarine Base is now open for tourism and is slowly being transformed into a museum, while the suicide dolphins retrained themselves and now reside at the State Oceanarium of Ukraine, Sebastopol.

Dolphin Assisted Therapy Essentials

Images of the Sebastopol Dolphinarium, part of the Oceanarium of Ukraine.

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