Wednesday, August 16, 2006

International Symposium "Revival Of Delphi's Ideals" To Present Greek Composer Vangelis With "The Golden Lyre Of Apollo"

"Noted composer Vangelis will be presented with the "The Golden Lyre of Apollo" award within in the context of the first-ever international symposium, entitled "Revival of Delphi's Ideals", to be held from Aug. 17-20 at the eponymous archaeological site.

The presentation will jointly be made by Delphi Mayor P. Kaltsis and Hellenic American National Council (H.A.N.C.) president Th. Spyropoulos.

The renowned composer will be honoured for his contribution, through his work and public expression, in promoting global values." ...

Athens News Agency/Macedonian Press Agency "Delphi to honour noted composer Vangelis" August 16, 2006

Vangelis (b. 1943, Greece).

Photo credit: MUSEO NACIONAL DE ARTES VISUALES, Parque Rodó - Montevideo - Uruguay. With thanks.


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