Friday, August 11, 2006

Memories Of Overdevelopment: Israel Flexes Its U.S. And British Backed Military Might Against Its Developing World Neighbors

"A [Israeli unmanned] drone fired a missile at a motorbike on the southern coastal highway between Sidon and Tyre [Lebanon], killing its driver, security officials said."

Associated Press "Israel Prepares Wider Ground Offensive" August 11, 2006 via New York Times.


"Israeli aircraft fired missiles at a radio tower in downtown Beirut on Thursday [August 10] and dropped leaflets warning residents of the Lebanese capital that more extensive bombing, whose "painful and severe results will not be limited" to Hezbollah fighters, is on the way."

Edward Cody and Molly Moore "Israel Hits Tower In Beirut, Warns Of More Bombing" Washington Post August 11, 2006

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