Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Two Pictures: The Ancestral Homelands Of Composer Gyorgy Ligeti And Violinist Leopold Auer, Ligeti's Great Uncle

Violin and chessboard panel -- one of 98 -- in the Renaissance ceiling from the ancient Unitarian Church, dating from the 13th Century with the current building from the 16th Century, in Dicsoszentmarton, former Transylvania, Hungary [now Romania]; the birthplace of the late Gyorgy Ligeti. This Church is now partnered with the Cedar Lane Unitarian Church, in Bethesda, Maryland, United States.

Photo credit: James Hayes-Bohanan. With thanks.

Please see Mr Hayes-Bohanan's many beautiful pictures from his family's August 2004 pilgramage to Hungary and Romania.


A veszprémi vár látképe. The Castle of Veszprém, [West Central] Hungary. The ancestral home of Gyorgy Ligeti's painter grandfather and great uncle Leopold Auer, the violinist and teacher, who spent 49 years of his life in Petersburg, Imperial Russia, and the last 13 years of his life in the United States.

[Please click on image for enlargment.]

Photo credit: [Hungary]. With thanks.


While the first picture evokes, for me, Gyorgy Ligeti's music, such as his 'Concert Romanesc'; the second picture evokes for me Czech composer Jan Jirasek's 'Missa Propria' [from 'Renaissance of Humanity'].

You can listen to some of each of the four movements of Ligeti's 'Concert Romanesc,' an early work, as well as some later orchestral works, at this link.

You can listen to some of of each of the movements of Jirasek's 'Missa Propria' at this link.


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