Monday, June 12, 2006

Belarusian Director Yuri Azarionok's Film Series "Spiritual War" Wins Golden Knight Award At 15th Annual Zolotoi Vitayz International Film Festival

Belarusian filmmakers sweep prizes at 15th international film festival Golden Knight

"Belarusian films have earned honorary prizes at the 15th international film festival Zolotoi Vitayz (Golden Knight) in Serpukhov, Moscow region. Sergei Katier’s “Christmas” received a Bronze Knight statuette (third prize), the press-service of the Belarusian TV and radio company told BelTA.

“I Can Speak” directed by Sergei Rybakov, the Belarusian TV news agency, was awarded diploma “Best Creative Quest in TV Journalism”. The film tells a story about children who can neither hear nor speak since birthday and about people who empower such children giving them an opportunity to feel themselves full-fledged able-bodied citizens.

A series of films “Spiritual War” directed by Yuri Azarionok was distinguished by a special prize of the Belarus-Russia Union State Parliamentary Assembly “For Promoting Moral Values in Cinematograph”. The prize was instituted 10 years ago.

Galina Adamovich’s emotional and heartfelt documentary “Zavyadzenka” was recognized the “Best Documentary”. Anatoliy Alai’s documentary “Red Devil” received an honorary diploma n.a. Alexander Sidelnikov “Best Director”.

The prize “Best Feature” was divided between Belarusian director Sergei Sychov for “I Remember” and Korean director Kim Ki-Duk “The Bow”.

The aim of the festival mirrors its motto: to promote moral values of the Christianity and provide spiritual enrichment. However, guests from all over the world converged on the Golden Knight, followers of such religions as Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholicism, Protestantism and Islam.

Over 300 films made by filmmakers from 35 countries of Europe, Asia and America were shown at the festival."

Belarusian [Official State] Telegraph Agency "Belarusian filmmakers sweep prizes at 15th international film festival Golden Knight" June 9, 2006


12:25 05/07/2005

According to information of the "BDG", deputy chairman of the Belarusian TV and Radio Company Yury Azaronak (Yuri Azarionok), appointed to this position by the president recently, is going to create a new department on Belarusian TV. As the newspaper have supposed, the appointment of the notorious journalist, famous for creation of scandalous films about Belarusian opposition, would mean increase of political propaganda and "personality cult" in the programs of the First national Channel.

Vadzim Zdaravennau Candle Wall Construction Colour Film 2005 Minsk, Belarus.

Mr Zdaravennau was born in 1976 in Recyca, Belarus. His films and photographs are in private collections in Belarus and Russia.

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