Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lame Duck Lukashenka Rushing To Try To Complete His 'Union State' And 'Single Economic Space'; Also Seeks 'Consolidation' Of Belarusian Journalists

"President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko received deputy premier of Belarus Andrei Kobyakov with report today, the president’s press-service told BelTA.

The vice-premier informed the head of state about the course of preparation of 38 key documents on establishing the Single Economic Space of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

In 2005 the presidents of Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan tasked their governments to address that issue. The documents are expected to become a legal framework for the establishing of a customs union under the SES.

Ukraine, which partakes in the talks, has not yet decided upon 10 agreements. At the same time Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan firmly abide by the position that all agreements should be signed as one package – 38 documents.

During the meeting the vice-premier provided in-depth information about the course of work on concrete agreements. In particular, the deputy premier touched upon the decision to establish a SES commission which would handle the issues of tariff (non-tariff) regulation. The key documents also include agreements on the fundamental principles of competition, on the bodies to resolve disputes and several other agreements.

In the near future Minsk will hold another meeting of a working group for the establishing of the Single Economic Space.

Belarus, Andrei Kobyakov says, welcomes the intention of Russia to boost the preparation of the documents. For its part, Belarus will do its best to speed up the process.

“Because the parties have different positions, it is impossible to say that all 38 documents are fully ready, but 26 of them are ready to be signed”, the deputy premier of Belarus said.

Another three agreements on the simplified entry rules for the citizens of the SES member states have been drawn up, Andrei Kobyakov added. They might be signed in the near future in the framework of the Single Economic Space.

Alexander Lukashenko has given precise instructions in regard to the position of Belarus in the talks."

Belarus Telegraph [Official State] Agency "Experts creating Single Economic Space to meet in Minsk soon" May 4, 2006


"The forum is an efficient tool to consolidate the journalist community who recognize their high social responsibility for their activity, says a message of greetings from state secretary of the Union State Pavel Borodin to the participants of the 1st Belarusian information forum “Mass media against challenges and threats of the 21st century”. The message has been read out by deputy state secretary of the Union State Sergei Shukhno.

Mass media are for common safe future and this initiative needs support at the highest state level in all countries. The Union State and the Permanent Committee have enthusiastically supported the initiative of the information ministry of the Republic of Belarus to hold the forum. The event intends to discuss and develop initiatives to prevent modern threats and challenges.

It is not coincidental that the forum is held in Belarus. There are the things we can learn from this country. The Republic of Belarus pursues independent domestic policy, improves economic performance and builds up social sphere.

Belarus successfully cooperates with the states-members of the Commonwealth and other countries, the message stresses."

Belarus Telegraph [Official State] Agency "Forum is efficient tool to consolidate journalist community" May 4, 2006

Alexander Lukashenka signing a Belarusian Ruble note. Lukashenka loves sports, edicts, and precision.

Photo credit: Ron Wise's World Paper Money Homepage With thanks.


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