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'Prime Minister Of Belarus To Work At Construction Site Of National Library During Subbotnik'

"Prime minister of Belarus Sergei Sidorskiy will take part in the republican subbotnik tomorrow, April 29 [2006]. The head of government will work at the construction site of the National Library, BelTA was informed by spokesman for the prime minister Alexander Timoshenko.

According to the information provided in the Council of Ministers Office, the third phase of construction is nearing completion. This phase includes construction of conference halls and adjacent premises, president-center zones, installation of all necessary informational and technological systems for use by employees and library subscribers, beautification and planting of trees outside.

In accordance with the presidential decree, the building of the National Library should be commissioned in May 2006, that of the Belarusian Archives Committee – by October 1, 2006.

Now some 477 people are working at the site. They work two shifts without days off."

Belarus Telegraph [Official State] Agency 'Prime Minister Of Belarus To Work At Construction Site Of National Library During Subbotnik' April 28, 2006


"Subbotnik and voskresnik (from Russian words subbota for Saturday and voskresenye for Sunday) were days of volunteer work in Soviet Union. The tradition is continued in modern Russia [and Belarus].

The first subbotnik was held on April 12, 1919, at the Moscow-Sortirovochnaya railway depot of the Moscow-Kazan Railway upon the initiative of local bolsheviks.

The first all-Russian subbotnik was held on May 1, 1920, the one participated by Vladimir Lenin who took part in removing building rubble in Moscow Kremlin, an episode portrayed in a famous painting by Vladimir Krikhatsky, Lenin at the First Subbotnik, of Lenin carrying a log.

Lenin was excited with the idea of subbotniks, regarding them as seeds of free labour of communism.

Eventually "communist subbotniks" and "voskresniks" became obligatory political events in the Soviet Union, with annual "Lenin's Subbotnik" being held in the vicinity of Lenin's birthday."

Vladimir Krikhatsky, Lenin [Helping Carry Log] at the First Subbotnik, 1920

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