Friday, May 19, 2006

In Memorium, Charles Ives: A Father Of Us All In The Modern And Contemporary Music Communities

Charles Edward Ives, ca. July 1950, outside his summer home in West Redding, Connecticut.

Mr Ives died on May 19, 1954.

Two days later, funeral services for Charles Ives took place at he and his wife's West Redding home; with the Rev. Joseph Hooker Twichell (his brother-in-law) presiding and his neighbor, and organist, Luemily Ryder playing Eventide ("Abide with me") on Ives’s upright piano. Mr Ives's burial was in Wooster Cemetery, Danbury, Connecticut.


Please see the Charles Ives Society's exceptionally insightful "Programming Guide" to Charles Ives music (and life) indexed for every day and season of the year; and which is based upon the official "A Descriptive Catalogue of the Music of Charle Ives" by James B. Sinclair (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1999).


With thanks to Bob Shingleton at On An Overgrown Path for reminding the music world of this anniversary.

Photo credit: (c) Yale University Library via the Charles Ives Society.


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