Thursday, May 18, 2006

'Eurasian Union Of Youth' Disrupts Russia-NATO Photo Exhibition Held At Moscow's Foreign Literature Library

"A group of protesters tried to disrupt the opening of a Russia-NATO photo exhibition in Moscow Thursday by attempting to seize microphones from officials attending the ceremony and shouting anti-NATO slogans, the RIA Novosti news agency reports. Calling themselves representatives of a Eurasian Union of Youth, young people shouted “NATO is worse than the Gestapo!” “NATO is Russia’s enemy!” and “Kill NATO. NATO is Death!”

The protesters demanded that the Hague Tribunal condemn NATO’s “aggression against 21 countries.” The director of the Foreign Literature Library, which is hosting the exhibition, said the protesters were insane.

“These are insane people who prevent us from joining hands,” Yekaterina Geniyeva said. “Today we had a vivid lesson of the threats we face in this world. One of them is the ever-growing hatred, fascism and xenophobia.”

Earlier this month several anti-NATO rallies, prompted by promotional campaign “NATO-Russia Rally 2006: What Binds Us Together” have been held in several big cities across Russia. On May 11, dozens staged protest against NATO enlargement in the far eastern city of Vladivostok. Wednesday, an unsanctioned rally was held in Volgograd.

The Russian government has worked with NATO for more than a decade, but polls show that many Russians continue to question the alliance’s motives in accepting new member states that were once part of or allied to the Soviet Union."...

MosNews "Anti-NATO Protesters Seek to Disrupt Russia-NATO Photo Exhibition" May 18, 2006

Eurasian hatred of NATO dates back to 1999 when NATO jets bombed Novi Sad and Belgrad, Serbia; following the massive expulsions by Serbs of ethnic Albanians living in the autonomous republic of Kosovo. After the NATO bombing campaign, NATO and Russian peacekeepers where stationed in Kosovo, the Former Yugoslavia. The hatred was gravely compounded following the Anglo-American led invasion of Iraq, in 2003, which has led to the loss of scores of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilian lives. Pacifism is more deeply ingrained in the consciousnesses of citizens of the Former Soviet Union (which lost 26 million citizens in World War II), China, India, and Japan, than it is in parts of America, Canada, England, and Western Europe.

Photo credit: Roma Sud-ovest social forum [Rome South-west Social Forum] With thanks.


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