Wednesday, April 26, 2006

While 12 Percent Of European Union Citizens Support More Nuclear Power In The E.U., Eurocrat Elites Know Better And Will Push For Nuclear Expansion

EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - "The EU political elite is more pro-nuclear than ever before according to nuclear industry lobbyists, with leading MEPs [Ministers of the European Parliament] urging people not to use the 20th anniversary of Chernobyl to bash EU nuclear expansion plans.

"I had a meeting at a very high level in the European Parliament and European Commission last night and the clear message was the present commission is as friendly to nuclear power as never before," Foratom chief Peter Haug told EUobserver on Wednesday (26 April).

"Slowly but surely it is beginning to dawn about the real problems we would have if we do not take nuclear power forward."

The same day 20 years ago at 13:24 local time reactor number four at the Chernobyl plant in Ukraine exploded scattering radioactive material as far west as Ireland and leaving an area the size of Belgium still contaminated today.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) says the disaster killed 4,000 people but NGO Greenpeace puts the figure at closer to 90,000 while accusing pro-nuclear elements in the UN of leaning on the WHO.

The accident, dubbed "the worst environmental catastrophe in European history," gave its name to a medical condition called 'Chernobyl heart' which sees children born prone to heart attacks.

The old Chernobyl reactor still presents a danger of leakage with Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko on Wednesday calling for €800 million in aid to build a new 200-metre thick concrete "sarcophagus" around the unit.

A Eurobarometer survey carried out in November last year shows just 12 percent public support for more nuclear power in the EU.

But the UK, France, Finland, the Baltic states, the Czech republic, Slovakia, EU candidates Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey as well as EU neighbours Russia and Ukraine all plan to boost nuclear capacity in the coming years.

Mr Haug and Dutch energy experts also predict that Germany's conservative CDU party will scrap plans to phase-out nuclear power made previously by a socialist-led government." ...

Andrew Rettman "EU elite more pro-nuclear than ever" April 26, 2006

26 APRIL 2006

Ukrainian President Victor Yushchenko -- empowered in his bid for State office by his promise to establish democratic decision-making in the former Soviet Union sphere -- lights a candle to honor the Chornobyl victims.

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