Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cultural And Ecological Tourism Under-Funded In Ukraine; Ukraine Spending Only One-Twentieth What Poland Spends On Cultural Heritage Restoration

"State programs on development of tourism have not yet been financed, declared the minister of culture and tourism of Ukraine, Ihor Lykhovy, during a [phone interview from Ukraine's] Cabinet of Ministers.

This year, the state provides for programs of conducting famous fairs and the programs “Castles and palaces” and “Sea breeze of Crimea”. However, according to Lykhovy, Ukraine allocates only 50-60 thousand hryvnias, while Poland, for example, spends 150-200 thousand dollars. Lykhovy also declared that Ukraine lacks money even for these programs.

According to the minister, Ukraine plans to cooperate with Poland with the purpose of restoration of cultural monuments. Hence, concessions of castles to Poland is one of the ways to restore cultural complexes. Castles, fortresses, citadels and palaces will be ceded in long-term cultural circulation to interested persons, including Poles. Lykhovy hopes that within ten years the use these cultural monuments will be restored, and users will renew the monuments household functions.

Restoration of cultural monuments needs greater means, including the creation of a whole infrastructure, as castles do not have normal roads and services. At the same time, all these works will be financed at the expense of users. To earn such money, temporary owners in addition to exhibitions will organize hotels or restaurants, golf, billiard or other entertainments, explained the minister.

Lykhovy hopes that in a month it will be possible to talk about realization of this program. But ahead of this a corresponding law should come in to prevent problems with castles’ land, which is free of taxes."

ForUm "Ukraine does not have money for developing tourism" April 25, 2006

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In contrast, Belarus's authoritarian regime, under Lukashenka, is counting on massive UNESCO funding, in addition to State funding, to restore its major western- Belarus cultural tourist destinations of Neshvish and Mir -- both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Lviv, Ukraine. The Unofficial European City of Culture 2006 Celebrates Its 750th Anniversary as a Multicultural and Tolerant European City!

The Architectural Ensemble of the Historic Center of Lviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Lviv History Museum:


Lviv Ecotourism Company:


Both the Lviv History Museum and Lviv Ecotourism Company can help you arrange for tours to Western Ukraine's 'Golden Ring of Renaissance-era Polish Castles and Cathedrals, Ukrainian Wooden Churches, and Renaissance-era Synagogues [as well as Carpathian Mountain, archeological early Medieval Palace sites]'.

Pidhirtsi Castle in Lviv Region, Western Ukraine. The paintings, tapestries, and other furnishings of the former Polish Castle are in the Collection of the Lviv Picture Gallery and the Lviv History Museum.

Photo credit: Vladyslav Tsarynnyk www.lvivecotour.com With thanks.


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