Monday, April 03, 2006

Russia-Belarus Union State Secretary Pavel Borodin: 'Europe Will Kneel Before Us'; Mr Cogito Starts Digging Fallout Shelter

“I think that common currency, that is an essential attribute of a common state and a common economy, will be introduced in the Union of Russia and Belarus before the end of the year,” said Pavel Borodin, State Secretary of the Union of Russia and Belarus at a news conference on the Day of the Russia-Belarus Union, April 3, 2006, a REGNUM correspondent reports.

“There are three ways to build a state,” Borodin commented. “The first one is to invade Iraq with your tanks, and here you are – you get a new state. Another is to hold a Politburo meeting of the CPSU Central Committee and adopt a resolution to build a state. The third way to create a state is to let economy rule. Since it is the economy that rules in the Union State of Russia and Belarus, we just have no other choice but introduce a common currency. We’ll have a common budget, too. Everything will be common, just as it is in Europe. But Europe won’t survive without us, anyway.” “Europe will kneel at our feet,” Borodin concluded.

REGNUM News Agency April 3, 2006 17:50


Bottom satellite image, Belarus flooding, April 7, 2004

Photo and image sources and credit (click top image for greater detail):

Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC


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