Monday, April 03, 2006

Lukashenko Seeks Eastern European Unified Air Defense System And Treaty Definition Of Anti-NATO 'Eastern European Region Of Collective Security'

"On April 3 Minsk plays host to a training meeting of the commanders of the air forces and air defense forces of the CIS countries. Defense minister of Belarus Colonel-General Leonid Maltsev stated, this is the first meeting which is conducted within the frames of the CIS unified air defense system. According to him, “for the recent decade the CIS cooperation in air defense has been successfully developing relying on the new, equal rights basis.

Leonid Maltsev called the sitting in Minsk as “another step towards the collective security system”. The sitting will highlight the state and prospects of the unified air defense system development in the Eastern-European region of collective security. Leonid Maltsev stressed that “we urgently need a dialogue and discussion on such important issues as the formation of the unified air defense system, and not only in the Eastern-European region of collective security. According to Leonid Maltsev, the most complicated issue here is the development of the legal-treaty base.

The sitting is attended by commanders of the air force and air defense forces of Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine, representatives of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, military-industrial complex of Belarus and Russia. On April 4 the training meeting will continue in Machulischi, in the suburbs of Minsk, where the participants of the meeting will get familiar with samples of the armament and materiel modernized in Belarus. On April 6 and 7 the meeting will continue at the facilities of the Baltic fleet of the Russian Federation."


"Russia has actually started shipping antiaircraft missile systems S-300 to Belarus, said Russian Federation Air Force commander Vladimir Mikhailov, who arrived in Minsk today to participate in the Air Defence Coordinating Committee under the CIS Defence Ministers Council.

He informed, for the last 5 months Belarusian specialists have been controlling quality of repairing S-300 systems at Russian enterprises. Simultaneously the 155th Air Force and Air Defence Brigade of Belarus has been preparing positions to place the missile systems and put them on duty. Vladimir Mikhailov praised efforts of the Belarusian military. "Everything was prepared on time and even slightly ahead of time", he noted.

Belarusian Air Force and Air Defence commander Lieutenant-General Oleg Paferov specified, the Russian Federation government decided to start shipping S-300 antiaircraft missile systems to Belarus on April 1."

Last September, two homemade bombs went off in Vitebsk, Belarus. At least one of the homemade bombs was disguised as a beer can and contained shards of metal to increase the number of victims. The bomb was reportedly buried in a flowerbed outside a cafe which enjoys popularity among the local youth. One explosion was apparently captured on film.

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