Friday, April 07, 2006

In Shadow Of Coronation, Milinkevich Promises That Soon Belarusians Will Study In The Best European Universities And Intern In The Best Enterprises

Alexander Milinkevich statement: “We have no right to dream, our head in the clouds, of the prompt and sudden advent of freedom. Neither have we the right to give way to gloomy thoughts, to humble ourselves and to loose heart. We are not recoiling - we are besieging the regime. This is a reasonable step. No doubt - we will prevail!”

“After that wonderful romantic aspiration of the courageous minority, we embark on daily work of enlightening and informing others; work which will be carried out by dozens of thousands of volunteers of freedom. We have performed a qualitative leap; hence, we have no right to lose or to waste this potential. We are united with the desire to make Belarus a democratic, fair, and civilized state.”

“Peaceful protest actions form only a small part of our strategy. Collecting signatures, we will urge the alteration of the Election code and the recall of deputies of the Chamber of representatives and local Councils. Independent TV and radio will be established abroad ... We will support the independent press ... People’s universities of modern knowledge will be founded in Belarus. We will give the opportunity to every Belarusian of studies in the best European universities and internships in the best European organizations and enterprises.”

Charter97 "Alexander Milinkevich: 'Let’s stay united - and we will prevail!'" April 5, 2006

Soon, Belarusian internships in building barricades of democracy in the streets of Minsk will be replaced by Belarusian scholarships at the best European universities and internships in the best European social and business organizations.

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A day before the inauguration of Lukashenko for a third term, opposition activists held a long sign reading "No to Fascism" during a demonstration in downtown Minsk. Belarusian riot police on Friday also broke up a demonstration by dozens of opposition activists in the Minsk central square that was the epicenter of protests against authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko's rigged re-election, last month.


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