Thursday, April 20, 2006

Ancient Treasure Hoard Found In Western Ukraine; Mr Cogito Dusts Off His Mycology And Lviv Regional Guidebooks

"A hoard of ancient treasure has been found in Ukraine's western Lviv region, according to media reports.

According to Segodnya daily, a local resident out hunting for mushrooms near the village of Podgorishche accidentally discovered several well preserved diadems, necklaces and bracelets. He reported the find to archeologists who found a total of 35 pieces of jewelry.

A local museum curator said such ancient treasures, estimated to date from the 6th-1st century BC, had never been found in Ukraine before. Some of the items are made of bronze and some of silver.

Experts say such discoveries are extremely rare and have tremendous historical and cultural value."

RIA Novosti [Russian News and Information Agency] "Ancient Treasure Hoard Found In Western Ukraine" April 11, 2006


MykoWeb: Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology


Lviv Historical Museum

Lviv Museum of Historical Values - a division of the Lviv Historical Museum - opened in the newly restored Renaissance building -- the Palazzo Bandinelli [1583] on August 15, 2005. Everyone is invited to visit!


Odessa State Museum of Archeology [founded in 1825]


Offers for Inter-Museum Loaning from the exhibitions of the Lviv Historical Museum:

1)"Trypillian culture on the territory of Ukraine" - more than 400 exhibits: anthropomorphic and zoomorphic statuettes, utensils, tools of the IVth-IIIrd millennium BC (exhibited in different regions of Ukraine and Poland).

2) "Vysotska Culture" - IXth - VIth millennium BC (tools, utensils, adornments - 300 - 400 exhibits).

3) "The hunting weapon" - approximately 200 exhibits: cold steels, fire-arms and hunting equipment of the XVI-XIX centuries (exhibited in the museums of Ukraine and Poland).

4) "Cold steel and fire-arms of the XVI -XIX centuries" (120-140 exhibits from more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia and Africa).

5) "Oriental weapons of XVI-XIX centuries" (India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, China, Yemen) - 50 exhibits.

6) "Ancient orders and medals" - about 70 decorations of the Western Countries and of the Orient - XVII - XIX centuries.

7) "Art silver" - approximately 150 silver items of the XVIII - XIX centuries.

8) "Lviv in graphic arts" - more than 100 drawings of the XVII - XX centuries (exhibited in Krakow and Vienna).

9) "Castles of Ukraine of the XVI - XIX centuries in drawings".

Lviv, Ukraine. The Unofficial European City of Culture 2006 Celebrates Its 750th Anniversary as a Multicultural and Tolerant European City!

The Architectural Ensemble of the Historic Center of Lviv is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Statuette. Woman sitting on a chair-throne. Ancient Ukrainian Trypillian culture.

Photo credit: Odessa Ukraine State Museum of Archeology With thanks.

Diadem from Tiligul, Ukraine. The 5th Century C.E. (Common Era)

Collection of the National History Museum of Vienna, Austria [Lviv, Ukraine and much of Western Ukraine were earlier parts of the Eastern Provinces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1917.]

Photo credit: National History Museum of Vienna, Austria With thanks.


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