Friday, March 24, 2006

Mr Cogito Ponders The Paradox Of Festive Quietude; And Serious Allegations Of The Removal Of Belarusian Ballot Box Seals

"The presidential election in Belarus proceeded similarly to the polls held during the Soviet Union times, an Azeri parliament member has said.

"The elections were held in a quiet environment resembling the Soviet era," said MP Elman Mammadov, who monitored the polling in this tightly-controlled former USSR republic [of Belarus].

Mammadov said he witnessed no irregularities during the observations in 18 ballot stations in the Belarusian Brest province since March 17. [sic]

"Just like during the Soviet times, the election day was marked by festivities. Concerts were arranged in almost all the polling stations I monitored."

The Azeri MP said, however, that there were cases of removing the seals from the ballot boxes in some polling stations, where the voter turnout was 80-90%. [sic]"

AssA-Irada News Agency "Azeri observer says Belarus election 'resembled Soviet times'" BakuTodayNet March 24, 2006 21:38

Lukashenka's regime tries to make the 'democratic electoral process' in 'father's' country as festive -- and yet quiet -- and as pleasing to 'voters' as possible. Many polling stations in the Belarusian provinces provided the 'voters' with a snack and a little something to drink. The Lukashenka regime also provided 32,996 'registrered Belarusian election observers'.

Photo credit: Agence France Press With thanks.


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