Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mr Cogito Smiles As Belarus's Central Election Commission Chairwoman Lidiya Yermoshina Calls Sunday's Rigged Election "Absolutely Brilliant"

"Lidiya Yermoshina, chairwoman of Belarus' central election commission, called the recent presidential election "absolutely brilliant." At a news conference on Thursday [March 23], Ms. Yermoshina accused unspecified presidential candidates of creating "artificial and unreasoned" tensions during the race.

The official said that prosecutors should bring the candidates to account for violating public order during the campaign.

She announced that the third inauguration ceremony for Aleksandr Lukashenko would be held on March 31.

The central election commission on March 20 declared Mr. Lukashenko the winner with a tally of 82.6 percent. His rivals Aleksandr Milinkevich and Aleksandr Kozulin declared the election fraudulent and demanded a rerun."

"Election official: Presidential race was brilliant" Charter97 March 23, 2006 19:57

Democratic Opposition Winners Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milinkevich

Alexander Kozulin and Alexander Milinkevich together were projected by European political analysts to have actually won almost 49 percent of the votes in last Sunday's election in which there were 31,761 [32,996 minus 1,235] more registered electoral observers from the Lukashenka Regime, than there were from the OSCE. Lukashenka's total is reported by European political analysts to have been closer to 43 percent.

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