Friday, February 24, 2006

The Los Angeles Philharmonic -- And Los Angeles -- Warms To Poly-Stylistic British Composer Thomas Ades

... "No, the British [composer Thomas] Adès is not the next Stravinsky, any more than he is the next Benjamin Britten. Nor is he the first composer to successfully find a style that acknowledges the still evident pull of earlier classical music (Stravinsky's late 12-tone pieces never caught on the way his earlier music did) and everything else that is out there these days.

But he has found a way to bring together a lot stylistically. His music is a celebration both of what classical music has been and of what it can be. It doesn't always smile. In fact, it can be troubled by a bittersweet, succulent melancholy and shot through with chilling, sharp attacks of anger. But when Adès does smile, the whole world seems to smile with him — or might, if more of the world paid attention to this marvelous music.

Last week, having performed chamber music by Beethoven and Schubert with Philharmonic players and then conducted the orchestra in the U.S. premieres of his effervescent new Violin Concerto and enchanted excerpts from his second opera, "The Tempest," Adès took to the piano again....

But Schoenberg might have gotten a chuckle out of the way the then 20-year-old Adès brightly warmed up his Chamber Symphony, Opus 2, with a jazz drum solo before heading into darker territory. After that piece, Adès began a decade of manic deconstruction, his music finding its own highly distinctive character by pulling apart music from many different styles and centuries, always surprising but always making sense.

Lately, Adès has evinced a neoclassical bent...

In the last two weeks, Adès has won an enthusiastic following in Los Angeles. The Philharmonic has asked him back next season. A long-range relationship appears to be developing."...

Mark Swed "Adès ends his L.A. stay with a range of moods" Los Angeles Times February 23, 2006 via

Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, California

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Monterey and Santa Monica Designated as Preserve America Communities

February 18, 2005, Monterey, CA — Monterey and Santa Monica have been designated among the newest of the Nation's 220 Preserve America Communities, joining Fresno as the second and third communities to achieve this distinction in California.

Santa Monica Mayor Pam O'Connor and Monterey Mayor Dan Albert received certificates signed by Mrs. Laura Bush notifying them that their cities are now Preserve America Communities.

John L. Nau, III, chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), presented the certificates today during the ACHP winter business meeting.

"Preserve America communities demonstrate that they are committed to preserving America's heritage while ensuring a future filled with opportunities for learning and enjoyment," Mrs. Bush said." ...

Source: news-PAcomm2-18-05.html


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