Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Three General Directors -- Peter Gelb, David Gockley, And Placido Domingo!!

"Placido Domingo will sign on for an additional five years as general director of both the Washington National Opera and the Los Angeles [National] Opera through the 2010-11 seasons, it was learned yesterday. His contracts with both troupes had been scheduled to expire this year....

The Los Angeles [National] Opera held a news conference about the agreement yesterday morning. Sources close to the negotiations in Washington affirmed that Domingo was staying on with the WNO, but that no decision would be announced until later this week....

The definition of a general director varies from company to company, but the title commonly denotes a person who handles both artistic decisions and administrative affairs at the highest level. Therefore, Domingo -- who is now 65 and continues to sing in some of the world's greatest opera houses and has increasingly added conducting to his busy schedule -- is the ultimate decision-maker for these two medium-size but wealthy and ambitious American companies." ...

Time Page "Domingo Re-Ups With Washington, L.A. Operas" Washington Post February 22, 2006 via


I strongly commend Placido Domingo and the Washington and Los Angeles National Operas for their publically affirmed commitments -- by these medium-size but wealthy and ambitous American companies -- to producing one American opera each and every season. And I will look foward to Mssrs Gelb and Gockley of the Metropolitan and San Francisco National Operas making similar public commitments to producing one American opera each and every season. [I believe that neither the San Francisco Opera nor the Chicago Lyric Opera will stage an American opera next season. The New Metropolitan Opera will be staging the world premiere of Tan Dun's "The First Emperor" next December. In the Fall of 2007, the San Francisco Opera will be staging the world premiere of Philip Glass's "Appomattox" American civil war opera.]

Leading World Tenor and American Operatic General Director Placido Domingo (left) as Il Guarany, with Metropolitan Opera and Washington National Opera Star Basso Cantante Hao Jiang Tian as Don Antonio, in the Washington National Opera production of A. Carlos Gomes's Il Guarany.

"Since his Metropolitan Opera debut during the 1991/92 season, Hao Jiang Tian has earned widespread recognition as one of today's most talented basso cantantes in the world. He has appeared at the Metropolitan every subsequent season in over 26 roles including five new productions with stars such as Pavarotti, Domingo, Kanawa, Milnes and [which] were telecast worldwide."

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