Monday, October 24, 2005

"Science and the Renewal of Musical Aesthetics" -- Conference - Debate

"From singing to the crafting of a violin to the multimedia creation of sound, science continually contributes to the renewal of musical aesthetics.

The CNRS (The French National Center for Scientific Research) Office in Washington and the Office of Science and Technology of the Embassy of France have organized a series of events for October 28th, 2005 that aim to illustrate the age-old dialogue between science and music. Thanks to this dialogue, the expertise of both singers and stringed instrument makers serve as inexhaustible sources of questioning, which in turn leads to research requiring the most recent data in the physical and social sciences. The results of these studies open the door to new approaches and permit innovation in a field known for being very reluctant to change.

The participants will present their recent work on the human voice and on stringed instruments that give an account of this research. The events will close with an exciting presentation of the Meta-Instrument, which will demonstrate the roles of images and synthesized sounds in the elaboration of musical aesthetics...

With the participation of Joseph Curtin, stringed instrument maker and BenoƮt Rolland, bow maker."...


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