Friday, October 21, 2005

The King Speaks to the Scribe II

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"United Nations and private aid workers said Thursday that the pressing need to shelter up to three million Pakistani earthquake survivors before the harsh Himalayan winter sets in was threatening to become the most difficult relief operation the world has ever faced.

In the refugee camp at Balakot, Pakistan, an earthquake survivor shivered in the rain. In the background at left are Pakistani soldiers. Compounding the problems posed by the sheer number of people displaced - three times as many as those affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami last December - are the mountainous terrain and the onset of a winter that is likely to arrive in less than three weeks and sever the stricken mountain hamlets of the north from the rest of the country until spring.

And yet, perhaps out of fatigue after a year of seemingly endless natural disasters, aid officials say, the international response has been weak...."

Somini Sengupta and David Phode "Winter Is the Enemy for Quake's Homeless Millions" New York Times, October 21, 2005.


UPDATE: "NATO allies agreed Friday to dispatch hundreds of military engineers, medics and other troops to reinforce the earthquake relief effort in Pakistan.

The alliance also said it was stepping up its airlift of aid to Pakistan from Europe, but continued to struggle to find helicopters that are desperately needed to rush aid into the high mountains of Kashmir and northern Pakistan."

Associated Press "NATO to Send Engineers, Medics to Pakistan " via October 21, 2005 11:27 AM ET

Now, where or where might thousands of other military engineers, medics, and other troops -- as well as hundreds, if not thousands of helicopters -- possibly be? And where or where might the world immediately find tens of thousands of winterized tents?

Pakistani children outside a collapsed building.

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