Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wind-tossed thoughts: Webern and Women's Summer

Today commemorates the date 60 years ago when
a U.S. soldier accidentially shot and killed Anton
(von) Webern during the late World War II Allied occupation of
Austria. (Webern dropped the aristrocratic "von" from
his name due to his leftest sympathies, and his participation
in the Viennese "art for workers" movement.) Webern was
a major European 20th century artist who sought new means of
musical organization beyond the 1500 year old Western
system of 8-tone modes (and, later, tempered major-minor tonality).

Today also marked the beginning of Slavic Women's Summer --
the last half of September -- a period marked by tempermental weather patterns.

(Many thanks to Bob Shingleton at On An Overgrown Path for the
Webern reminder; and to N. for the Women's Summer information.)

Anton Webern deeply loved and respected European Renaissance music, especially the music of Isaac and Josquin, among other Western Renaissance composers.


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