Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"the tragedy that the planet’s best minds are directed at solving the problems of the rich, and not the problems of the poor"

"We need, urgently, to recast the field of “economic development” and the role of development advice. The dominance of the IMF and World Bank in the past 20 years has led to a marginalization of ecology, public health, agronomy, epidemiology, climatology, hydrology, and other critical disciplines that are literally life-and-death issues for the world’s poorest of the poor.

The World Bank will have to divert its almost single-minded obsession over “governance” and “institutions” to focus more systematically on helping bring to bear the science on how to grow more food, use information and communications technology, adjust to ongoing climate change, and promote control of infectious diseases ranging from malaria to avian flu. These are not tasks that economists can solve on their own."

Jeffrey Sachs blogging for the Financial Times, September 14, 2005.

Romanian flood aftermath, August 2005


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