Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Art in the Twenty-First Century - - Structures

"How do we organize life? What are the ways in which we capture knowledge and attempt greater understanding? The artists in this episode -- Mathew Ritchie, Fred Wilson, Richard Tuttle and Roni Horn -- create systems, shift contexts and engage with perception, utilizing unconventional devices. Sam Waterston hosts."


"Teresita Fernández is a sculptor who integrates architecture and the optical effects of color and light to produce exquisitely constructed, contemplative spaces. In her sculptural environments, Fernández alters space to create illusions, subtly modifying the physical sensations of the viewer and dramatizing the role architecture plays in shaping our lives and perceptions. Her room-sized installations evoke quietude and mystery, reflecting such diverse aesthetic influences as Roman and Ottoman architecture and Japanese gardens. In other works, she creates large-scale, referential constructions, such as a pool, a waterfall, and a sand dune stripped of specific context. With these pared-down pieces, she invites viewers to draw from their personal memories and observations."

Source and photo credit: MacArthur Foundation;


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