Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Smithsonian Global Sound Goes Live -- Take 2

The exciting, new Smithsonian Global Sound
Project, which I mentioned on June 27, is
offering free down-loads from their digital
collection of the world's music through the
end of July. Please tell young people
about this opportunity to refresh their i-Pods,
and meet the sounds of the larger world.

For more information, see:


To find the music of a specific culture group, see:



I spent an enjoyable hour, on Sunday, at
the Smithsonian Institute's 38th annual
Folklife Festival, which I volunteered at
37 years ago. I enjoyed the music and dance
from Oman, despite the over- amplification,
in my opinion. This year was apparently the first
time that an Arab nation had been a guest
at the Festival.

From the Merchandise Tent, I purchased four 72'+
CDs, for $24, to show my support for the free
Festival (I don't have an i-Pod player) :

Music of Indonesia 18: Sulewesi: Festivals, Funerals,
and Work

Music of Indonesia 19: Maluku: Halmahera, Buru,
and Kei

Vocal Music of Crete

Khevrisa: 19th Century European Klezmer Music (this last,
in recognition of my partial, 19th c. Bylorussian ancestry).


I am beginning to think about writing a memorial
work to the victims of the Asian earthquake and
tsunami, which I am seriously thinking of calling
"On the Transmigration of Souls."


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