Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Gherkin and the Spear

While you might be resting by a lake,
modern architects are planning new
skyscrappers for the world's "leading"
urban areas such as London, Chicago,
New York City, Hong Kong, Singapore,
Shanghai, and Tokyo.

The New London Architecture, the first ever
permanent exhibition space dedicated to the
future of London's architecture, opens
today, July 26. The Guardian Unlimited previews
some of the 31 major new developments planned
for London by 2012. The £100bn projects
(ca. $180 billion or about $5.8 billion per project?)
are showcased in the NLA's debut exhibition
The Changing Face of London (until September 10).

Read Jonathan Glancey's review here.

Image credit: Santiago Calatrava S. A.(Chicago Project) via NewYorkTimes.com


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