Thursday, June 16, 2005

Eastern Orthodoxy and Creativity

"The largest monastery in Volhynia, and the second largest men's monastery in Ukraine, after the Kyvian Cave Monastery, the Pochaiv Monastery was founded, according to some accounts, by monks who fled from the Kyivan Cave Monastery at the time of the Tatar invasion of 1240. Architecturally, the Pochaiv Monastery appears as a complex of buildings uniquely adapted to the natural environment. The buildings are set on a cliffside, rising to a three-story terrace with a parapet. The terrace is the site of the central Dormition Cathedral, built in 1771–83 in the Rococo style by the Silesian architect G. Hoffman. The vast cathedral (it can accommodate 6,000 people) has eight large and seven smaller cupolas, and two large arches at the front... "

Pochaiv Monastery:

Image of Dormition Cathedral:\P\O\Pochaiv_Monastery_Dormition_Cathedral.jpg

Image of Trinity Cathedral (1910-1913):\P\O\Pochaiv_Monastery_Trinity_Cathedral.jpg

Image of the Fresco on the Dome of the Dormition Cathedral:\P\O\Pochaiv_Dormition_Cathedral_interior.jpg


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