Tuesday, June 14, 2005

New American (and British) Classical Music Advocacy Duties

I posted an advocacy comment today to the American
Music Center's NewMusicBox e - magazine concerning
The North Carolina Symphony Orchestra's exciting
forthcoming 75th anniversary season, under the baton
of its new conductor, Grant Llewellyn. This celebratory
season will include six world premieres by American
and British composers.

I contrasted the North Carolinian wholesome
embrace of living composers, with the National
Symphony Orchestra's much greater current disconnect
from contemporary culture. (The NSO is also
celebrating its 75th anniversary season, this
coming year, but it is only programming two
world premieres.)

My post mentioned living and active composers
Roger Hannay, Nicholas Maw, Joseph Schwantner,
Roberto Sierra, Jennifer Higdon, Edgar Meyer,
James MacMillan, Harold Meltzer, Branford Marsalis,
Jeffrey Mumford, and Pamela Z.
I also mentioned conductor Michael Morgan,
who, along with Grant Llewellyn, should,
I believe, be on the short-list to follow Leonard Slatkin
as music director of the NSO.

I would hope that readers would prefer to live in a
functioning culture in which orchestras programmed
six or seven world premieres by living composers
each season, rather than a culture satisfied with
dwindling audiences and an occasional world premiere
or two a season.

My NewMusicBox post is available here:

Roger Hannay's NewMusicBox essay on "The Creative Arts and the Composer"
is available here:


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