Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Symbolism And The Mind's Eye

"On January 1, [2011] Estonia will become the eurozone's 17th member and instantly claim the mantle of the poorest as well as one of the smallest – representing just over one-tenth of a percent of the bloc's economy, writes Associated Press.

Estonia's membership carries symbolic value, it is hoped, demonstrating that Europe's grandest financial project remains an appetizing prospect despite the worst crisis in its 12-year history.

Estonia is even vowing to lend a hand, no matter how small, to other members in need. Finance Minister Jürgen Ligi said recently that the Baltic state would soon start negotiations with the European Union on granting a loan guarantee of up to 130 million euros to bailed-out Ireland – a major commitment for a nation with a state budget of only six billion euros.... Estonia will also boast the lowest public debt per GDP of all euro area members." ...

Source: Baltic Business Newsletter December 28, 2010


United Nations Human Development Report 2010: 20th Anniversary Edition


Photo credit: P.Virot and the World Health Organization.


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