Wednesday, December 01, 2010

European First Day Of Winter Edition: Another Small Step For Mankind Against The Prospect Of Nuclear Winter

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'Belarus has agreed to give up its stock of highly enriched uranium, a critical fuel for nuclear weapons, the United States and Belarus announced Wednesday. The agreement would help eliminate one of the last legacies of the Cold War, when stocks of nuclear material were abandoned on territories of former Soviet states.'

Source: Washington Post

Photo credits: Nazi German photograph of occupied Belarus in May 1943 from the Federal German Archives. Minsk, Belarus, Future European Union after World War II; and Minsk's newly restored Belarusian National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet in May 2010 by Gruszecki via Wikipedia. [Нацыянальны акадэмічны Вялікі тэатар опэры і балету]

National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Republic of Belarus

National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus

Belarusian State Academy of the Arts

The Vankoviches’ House of the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus


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