Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Copland v. Gershwin: Interviews with Post-Classical Ensemble’s Angel Gil-Ordóñez & Joseph Horowitz: Reintroducing Gershwin to American Audiences

“Copland’s view was that Gershwin wasn’t a ‘real’ composer; he never included him in his lists of the most important American composers… This prejudice against Gershwin is finally dissipating"

-- Joseph Horowitz, Musicologist and Post-Classical Ensemble Artistic Director

The excellent Post-Classical Ensemble's The Gershwin Project: Russian Gershwin at the Clarice Smith Center, University of Maryland, September 24.


Upcoming Post-Classical Ensemble concerts and seminars focus on two other twentieth century Western classical and folk/world music masters: Lou Harrison and Igor Stravinsky.

Header credits: American Memory Project, the Library of Congress.


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