Friday, May 14, 2010

The 57 Varieties Of Advanced And Emerging 'Economies' According To The International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C., May 2010

Advanced Economies (29) - Column A/ Emerging Economies (27) - Column B

Australia/ Argentina
Austria/ Brazil
Belgium/ Bulgaria
Canada/ Chile
Czech Republic/ China
Denmark/ Colombia
Finland/ Estonia
France/ Hungary
Germany/ India
Greece/ Indonesia
Hong Kong SAR/ Kenya
Iceland/ Latvia
Ireland/ Lithuania
Israel/ Malaysia
Italy/ Mexico
Japan/ Nigeria
Korea/ Pakistan
Netherlands/ Peru
New Zealand/ Philippines
Norway/ Poland
Portugal/ Romania
Singapore/ Russia
Slovak Republic/ Saudi Arabia
Slovenia/ South Africa
Spain/ Thailand
Sweden/ Turkey
Switzerland/ Ukraine
United Kingdom
United States

Advanced G-20/ Emerging G-20

Australia/ Argentina
Canada/ Brazil
France/ China
Germany/ India
Italy/ Indonesia
Japan/ Mexico
Korea/ Russia
United Kingdom/ Saudi Arabia
United States/ South Africa
Euro Area/ Turkey

Source: International Monetary Fund Fiscal Monitor May 14, 2010

Image credit: Pooled frog eggs in Slovenia, Present day European Union, at North 46°18'1.21", East 13°53'9.72".
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