Thursday, February 18, 2010

And With My Apologies For Being Under A Snow-Bank (And On Airplanes)

"My artistic philosophy is twofold. One is that I think organizations like Cal Performances need to be both a museum and a laboratory - the museum side to present the great works of culture, and the laboratory side to be an avid advocate for the new.

"The other is accessibility. A transformative experience in my upbringing was attending the Proms Concerts in London as a teenager, when I'd line up all day, pay my 5 shillings or whatever it was, and hear the great orchestra and great artists of the day."

Asked about the effect of tightening budgets on his plans, Tarnopolsky said: "I've only ever worked in situations of tight financial constraints. That is the reality of art and culture - we must be robust advocates, and make sensible decisions that we can afford."

Joshua Kosman "Matías Tarnopolsky to head Cal Performances" San Francisco Chronicle May 21, 2009

CAL Performances

Photo credit: Hume Castle, Berkeley, California.


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