Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pan Cogito Discovers 'Digital Shakespeare' ... (And He Imagines That His Broad-Minded Thesis Advisor Derek Traversi Would Have Approved, In Part)

Unfortunately, due to the credit crunch, I could not raise the $90 in capital for the last remaining ticket to the Washington Shakespeare Theater Company's very well-received production of 'King Lear' [full text] last Saturday night, but instead I had to content myself with some fascinating digital clips from YouTube.

Digital Shakespeare: Shakespeare Theater Company

The Shakespeare Theatre Company’s 'Free For All' is a much-loved Washington tradition, this year offering 21 free performances of Shakespeare's 'The Taming of the Shrew' to the public in its new, beautiful theater in the old downtown quarter of the Nation's Capital.


"In 1939, Derek Traversi obtained a post as lecturer at the British Institute in Rome, where he was arrested for apparent disrespect to Il Duce.

In Madrid, in 1944, he married Maria Concepcíon Vázquez de Castro y Sarmiento, one of the first women in Spain to graduate from a university and a pupil of his at the institute. At the age of 25, she was arrested as she travelled by train with him to a walking expedition, because Franco's laws required her to have the written permission of her father to travel any distance with an unrelated man."


The British Council in Ukraine and Lviv, Ukraine, Future European Union.


Turning the Page, 3rd Annual Gala, September 12, 2009, Carnegie Institute of Washington, Washington, D.C.


The Post-Classical Ensemble -- in residence at the new Harmon Center for the Arts in downtown Washington, D.C. -- performs fine music in the context of its cultural heritage, including folk song, dance, film and contemporary popular music.


Photo credits: Copyrighted material via the Shakespeare Theater Company web-site.


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