Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Music And Justice ... And The Right Side Of History

"“They know me,” he said. “They know where I am. They can come and get me whenever they want. My time has gone. We have to think about the young people.”

Neda, he said, was smart and loving. She had a mischievous streak, gently teasing her friends and causing them to laugh. She was passionate about life and meant no one any harm. In the election unrest, friends found in her an unexpected daring, a willingness to take risks for her beliefs.

“She couldn’t stand the injustice of it all,” Panahi said. “All she wanted was the proper vote of the people to be counted. “For pursuing her goals, she didn’t use rocks or clubs,” he said. “She wanted to show with her presence that ‘I’m here. I also voted. And my vote wasn’t counted.’ It was a very peaceful act of protest, without any violence.”"

Iranian musician and music teacher Hamid Panahi speaking to Borzou Daragahi of the Los Angeles Times, June 23, 2009

Photo credits: (c) Harold Stern 2008. Copyright controlled. All rights reserved.


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