Friday, May 22, 2009

On The Need For A Quiet Room Of One's Own, Moths, And Small Life Regrets

"Years ago, when I lived in a fairly small house in Twickenham with three small boys, I needed a quiet place to work. An architect friend designed an octagonal shed which was built from marine ply and had a glass roof. It was remarkably large inside - Tardis-like - and when I moved to a Scottish island, I built a version of it, this time using concrete and bricks. When I lived in France, too, I had the same thing built.

Here in Dorset I wanted to build another ..."

"Composers' rooms: Harrison Birtwistle" Guardian May 9, 2009


With thanks to On an Overgrown Path.


Photo credit: (c) Eamonn McCabe 2009. Via the Guardian. Copyright controlled.


Last night I met Sofia Gubaidulina after her local concert, and I -- being language challenged -- wished that N. could have taken off from her job last night to help translate for me.


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