Monday, April 20, 2009

Renaissance Research Post Easter-Time “Conservatory Project” Assignment: Write An Essay Comparing Vivaldi’s “Motezuma” and Handel’s “Hercules”

Write an essay comparing Antonio Vivaldi’s “Motezuma” [1733] and George Frideric Handel’s “Hercules” [1744-45].

Extra credit: Expand your discussion to include Frederick II "The Great" of Prussia’s libretto and Carl Heinrich Graun’s music for “Montezuma” [1755].


Header photo and text credits: © Yevhen KRAVS via Ukraine 2009. Copyright controlled; and 'Samson and the Lion' by Pinsel. Lviv Museum of Sacral Art, Lviv, Ukraine, Future European Union. Copyright controlled.


"An important event took place recently at the Ternopil Oblast Regional History Museum. Vira Stetsko, a well-known art specialist and author of more than 200 articles and studies on Baroque sculpture, announced a sensational discovery. Researchers have located the main part of a roadside statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary designed by Johann Pinzel in 1751 and the head of a statue that once adorned the unique town hall in Buchach.

In 1751 Bernard Meretin and Johann Pinzel built the town hall, one of the finest examples of Rococo architecture in Europe, on the central square of Buchach. The building was adorned with 16 statues. Researchers believe that Pinzel thus immortalized the 12 labors of Hercules. Unfortunately, after a fire in 1865 only six statues were left intact. Today, prior to restoration, one of the discovered heads from the Buchach town hall is stored in the museum, where it is being studied." ...



[Click on image for enlargement.]

Buchach town hall designed by Bernard Meretyn and Johannes Pinzel, Buchach, Ukraine, Future European Union.

Photo credit: Roman Zacharij via Wikipedia. With thanks.


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