Thursday, April 09, 2009

On The Two State Solution: One State Of Israel, One State Of Palestine (Against Proposed Israeli Ethnic Cleansing Of The West Bank & The Gaza Strip)

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Under the Annapolis Conference Peace Process, which remains the guiding principal of United States diplomacy in the Middle East, The Future State of Palestine will exist next to the State of Israel; which itself was only created by force, and internationally recognized, in 1948.

Currently, ninety-seven states -- including many members of the NATO alliance --Poland, Turkey, Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria --recognize the State of Palestine, and twenty-one more -- including almost all the countries of the European Union and Australia --grant some form of diplomatic status to a Palestinian delegation


The accession of Albania and Croatia, Future European Union, to the NATO Alliance.

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on situation in Moldova, Future European Union.


Map credits: First map from United States Central Intelligence Agency via Wikipedia Commons. Second map derived from United Nations materials in the public domain via Wikipedia Commons. Third map from Wikipedia Commons.


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