Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ominous News First From Mexico City, And Now From Houston And New York City ... (Remember, The Universe Has No Edge And No Center)

"Hello! Ominous news about WQXR. Because of financial problems,there are reports that the New York Times may sell WQXR, and the future of this great station may in jeopardy. There are worries that if it is sold to some other organization, the programming may be dumbed down, or that WQXR might cease to exist altogether. This would be a devastating blow to classical music on the radio in America, and to New York City.

New York without WQXR would be like the city without the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn bridge, or the Empire State building. We must hope for the best."

Best regards, Robert Berger, New Rochelle,NY.

Image credits: (c) The Center for Process Studies and View On Buddhism. Copyright controlled.


Classical WETA-FM, so-called public radio in the Nation's Capital.


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