Wednesday, March 04, 2009

All Spreadsheets Overboard! ... Spreading Call & Response’s Facts & Figures

"The Call & Response program was born out of the Cypress String Quartet’s commitment to presenting newly created music based on earlier composed pieces. Each year, the Cypress String Quartet selects two works from the standard quartet repertoire (the “call”) and commissions a third work (the “response”) based on inspiration derived from the two older works. Through these commissions, Call & Response explores how newly composed music weaves older works into its sounds, while reflecting trends and ideas of current times.

The Cypress Quartet performs the resultant Call & Response concert in San Francisco after a month of outreach presentations to students of all levels and backgrounds and members of the community. These outreach efforts deepen students’ interest and understanding of chamber music and how composers create new music. Scholarship tickets enable many of these students to attend the public performance free of charge, thus bringing together a concert community of varied ethnicity, age, and economic background.

Call & Response has reached:

• A total of 31 Middle and High Schools
• A total of 16,890 students over 9 years
• An average of nearly 2,000 students each year
• An average of 500 audience members each year

10 Years of Call & Response commissions:

2000 Dan Coleman, AZ, quartetto ricercare
2001 Anna Weesner, PA, Flux
2002 Benjamin Lees, CA, String Quartet No. 5
2003 Jennifer Higdon, PA, Impressions
2004 Jeffrey Cotton, NJ, String Quartet No. 1
2005 Elena Ruehr, MA, String Quartet No. 4
2006 George Tsontakis, NY, String Quartet No. 5
2007 Daniel Asia, AZ, String Quartet No. 3, The Seer
2008 Kurt Rohde, CA, Gravities
2009 Kevin Puts, NY, Lento Assai

All Call & Response Educational Partners to Date:

Berkeley: Berkeley High School; Cupertino: Homestead High School, Monte Vista High School; Novato: Novato Charter School; Oakland: Edna Brewer Middle School, Montera Middle School, Roosevelt Middle School, Westlake Middle School, Corpus Christi School; San Francisco: Balboa High School, Community Music Center, French American International School, Lincoln High School, Lowell High School, Lycee Francais La Perouse, Mission High School, Out-of-Site Afterschool, Program, School of the Arts, Thurgood Marshall Academic High School, University High School, Washington High School; San Jose: Independence High School, Leland High School, Lincoln High School, Lynbrook High School, Piedmont Hills High School; San Mateo: Aragon High School San Rafael, Davidson Middle School, Miller Creek Middle School; Santa Clara: Wilcox High School; Saratoga: Saratoga High School.


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